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Affordable Access


Providing everyone with
equal access to technology

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Disability, impairment or functional limitation is experienced by a much higher percentage of Australians than is commonly thought. The Affordable Access initiative is all about providing equal access to technology for people with hearing, sight or cognitive issues or disabilities, that is both affordable and easy to use.

There are lots of great products on the market that contain accessibility features, yet it’s often hard to work out which ones are well suited and which options are best on a limited budget.

This resource has been created to help you make educated choices on options priced up to $250. You’ll find useful information on the specific accessibility features that are in popular devices such as tablets, smartphones, desktop computers, TV media players and assistive technologies that provide the best deals for the average user on a budget.

The options presented on this website include commonly used everyday products plus additional options for those who are more tech savvy. To help you find what you are after quickly, the site is divided into four main categories.

What’s Accessible Home Icon

What’s accessible?

This section presents an easy-to-navigate overview of the common accessibility features that are found in popular consumer devices.

What’s Available Home Icon

What’s available?

Here you will find all the latest information on tablets, desktop computers, smartphones, TV media players and telco plans for everyday consumers.

What’s Suitable Home Icon

What’s suitable?

This section provides you with helpful advice on what type of device will do what you want it to, based on your own specific needs.

 What’s Possible? Home Icon

What’s possible?

If you have strong technical knowledge and like to push the boundaries, this section will appeal. Plus there’s information on the inner workings of devices.

About the affordable access project

The Affordable Access project is an initiative of the Centre for Inclusive Design. This microsite was initially created with funding received from the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) and research support from VisAbility.

The purpose of the project is to create an online resource where consumers with disabilities and impairments can find information on low-cost and free software and devices that support their everyday needs.

Research for the content featured on this microsite was conducted by Dr Scott Hollier for the Centre for Inclusive Design and a research team from VisAbility who interviewed 50 people with disabilities in regards to their access requirements. The people interviewed had a variety of different needs and abilities, ensuring that the content can provide assistance based on type of product, type of disability and common life scenarios.

The microsite was launched in 2015 and received a major refresh in 2019.

collage of people from many ages and backgrounds using different devices.
collage of people from many ages and backgrounds using different devices.